Monday, November 24, 2014

DIY Dollar Store Ornament Tree

Here is an easy DIY project for Christmas. 

1. Dollar store - small ornaments.
2. Dollar store - decorative bow.

3. Plastic cup. This was a 12oz cup.
4. Glue gun with glue. 

You start by gluing each ornament around your cup. 
Your cup should be upside down. Start the process from the bottom and work up.

Final Results...just add your bow or a star.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Valentine's Day Printable

I've made these labels just in time for Valentine's Day!

All three ideas are very simple to make. 
Print on card stock, cut labels, fold each label in half and staple the label onto your goody bag.

Owl love you to pieces. Download it here.

I've got my "eyes" on you. Download it here.

You're a "Hole" bunch of fun. Download it here.


Thursday, June 13, 2013

June Photo Challenge

Summer Fun

Go on over to and join their summer photo challenge for the month of June. I am, and here is the photo I'm entering. It was taken last year during the summer in at county fair. Good Luck!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Teacher Appreciation

Thank You Key Ring 

It may be too late for this idea for most of you. I thought I would still share. This was the gift to Damian's Pre-School teacher, Mrs. Selva. A key ring with a die cut of a key attached that read: Thank you for being a key in my education.


1. Key chain (I purchased a Coach key chain from the factory outlet store).
2. Key cut-out (Svg file provided here regular and heart shaped key). 
3. Paper clip, to attach the "keys" to the key ring.

Don't forget to add a nice message on the key cut-out.

This idea can also work for any other occasion. Change the phrase to something like: You are the KEY to my heart/happiness. The possibilities are endless. 
Feel free to add a phrase in the comments below.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Free SVG

Gable Box SVG

I know, I know...its been awhile. I've been so busy. My son is about to finish pre-school, and the one and only task for the parents was to have a finished pre-school scrapbook. (2 weeks ago) I did finish on time! :) But boy is scrapbooking time consuming. So, now that I'm done with that...I'm back with a free Gable box download.

Some of you have questioned a gable box I posted on instagram. So I have made it available for you to download here. Box is roughly about 6.5 wide by 4.5 tall. 

 (These are iphone photos taken at night. Sorry, it was all I had)


1. Cricut or similar cutting machine
2. Sure Cuts A Lot  (SCAL) or similar svg cutting program
3. 12x12 Card stock (2 pages per box)
4. Glue

All you need to do next is cut, fold, join the two cut-outs and glue!

I made these as goody boxes for Damian's pre-school class. I added a bag of chips, fruit snacks and a juice. If you really want a sturdy box I recommend using thicker card stock and make sure you use a glue that can hold the weight. I used mod podge, but had to go back and use clear packaging tape on the bottom inside and outside of the box.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Photo Love


About two weeks ago I got a new toy, the Nikon D7100. I was obviously due for an upgrade after having a Nikon D3100 for the last two years. The D3100 was my first dslr camera and I was so eager to take photos and snapped away. I was taking photos on AUTO mode, later came to find out I was limiting myself and my camera on this setting. So, determined to get out of Auto mode and into Manual mode (easier said, than done)...after countless book readings, my favorite being Mamarazzi (because truly that's what I am), a few workshops, youtube tutorials and stalking photography blogs (thanks to pinterest). I have now managed to take descent looking photos on manual, aperture and shutter mode. No more AUTO! 

So, now I share with you...another thing I LOVE to do...

This is my only son Damian and at this very moment in time, he enjoys riding his bike. 


This is my beautiful niece Bianca...isn't she a cutie..?
The before photo is sooc (straight out of camera) and the after has been color corrected and or enhanced in photoshop using the Florabella Collection actions.

Friday, March 22, 2013

DIY Studded Sweater


I have a quick and easy DIY project for you today.

This past St. Patrick's Day weekend I was out doing a little shopping. I went into H&M and bought the cutest peach lightweight sweater. Perfect for spring. It just so happen to be in the clearance section for $10 plus an additional 50%off for St. Patricks day, I scored paying only $5!! I loved the sweater but seemed a bit to plain for me so I added gold studs to the collar.

I have quite a collection of these in different colors and sizes. They come in handy ;) I bought mine here.

Final results...I love it (even more)!