Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Free SVG

Gable Box SVG

I know, I know...its been awhile. I've been so busy. My son is about to finish pre-school, and the one and only task for the parents was to have a finished pre-school scrapbook. (2 weeks ago) I did finish on time! :) But boy is scrapbooking time consuming. So, now that I'm done with that...I'm back with a free Gable box download.

Some of you have questioned a gable box I posted on instagram. So I have made it available for you to download here. Box is roughly about 6.5 wide by 4.5 tall. 

 (These are iphone photos taken at night. Sorry, it was all I had)


1. Cricut or similar cutting machine
2. Sure Cuts A Lot  (SCAL) or similar svg cutting program
3. 12x12 Card stock (2 pages per box)
4. Glue

All you need to do next is cut, fold, join the two cut-outs and glue!

I made these as goody boxes for Damian's pre-school class. I added a bag of chips, fruit snacks and a juice. If you really want a sturdy box I recommend using thicker card stock and make sure you use a glue that can hold the weight. I used mod podge, but had to go back and use clear packaging tape on the bottom inside and outside of the box.


  1. je l'aime beaucoup : merci pour le partage... j'ai placé un lien ici :

  2. Thanks for sharing the file :-)

  3. there are no score lines on this design? i wish there were but thanks for the great file anyway