Friday, June 7, 2013

Teacher Appreciation

Thank You Key Ring 

It may be too late for this idea for most of you. I thought I would still share. This was the gift to Damian's Pre-School teacher, Mrs. Selva. A key ring with a die cut of a key attached that read: Thank you for being a key in my education.


1. Key chain (I purchased a Coach key chain from the factory outlet store).
2. Key cut-out (Svg file provided here regular and heart shaped key). 
3. Paper clip, to attach the "keys" to the key ring.

Don't forget to add a nice message on the key cut-out.

This idea can also work for any other occasion. Change the phrase to something like: You are the KEY to my heart/happiness. The possibilities are endless. 
Feel free to add a phrase in the comments below.


  1. merci pour l'idée et le modèle... j'ai créé un lien ici :